Hannes Walter

Hannes Walter

Skype: hanneswalter
Twitter: @hanneswalter


Hannes is the crowning glory of parental creation after a number of successful practice rounds.

Generation for Generation his ancestors have been impassioned blacksmiths – so not just blood but also liquid metal flows through his veins.

His skills as a craftsman and his common sense where brought to a level of enlightenment through a close encounter with a 220 Volt wall socket. This jolted him through an Electrical Engineering education and sparked many a revolutionary idea and passionate discussion.

Whilst others play around with their (iPhone) laser-sword, Hannes is well versed in the use of lasers to cut forms and products from fist thick steel. His hands-on mentality lead him to the expression tattooed upon his breast: für ihn gibt es nichts Gutes, außer man tut es! (Good things come, when they get done)

Studying Design in Vorarlberg, Cologne and New Zealand he gained the deeper insight that the crowd is more powerful than the individual, and the physical is more useful than the virtual. Indeed, his thesis lead him, inevitably, to the possibilities of 3d printing, creative coding and design interfaces. In other words, the birth idea for Fluid Forms.

When Hannes needs a jolt he now reaches for the coffee can rather than the wall socket.



Stephen Williams

Stephen Williams

Skype: sirstephenwilliams
Twitter: @onato

...entered the world on a balmy tropical night at the confluence of the Klang and Gombek rivers. At the age of one, he moved to New Zealand, the land of his forefathers, in search of fame and fortune. In the ensuing years Stephen attended such academic institution as, Forrest Hill Kindergarten and Forrest Hill Primary School.

At the age of six Stephen set out on another wild and wily adventure in the Middle East where he was introduced to his first computer, a BBC Model B. This led to the authorship of his first computer game, the content of which he could not slip through the censorship laws imposed by his parents. This did in fact deter the young reprobate who proceeded to search for happiness in achievements on the golf course, the volleyball court and the gumboot throwing and cow pat discus paddocks.

Ensuing the epiphanic realisation the he didn't have what it takes to make it in the cut throat world of professional cow shit throwing, he studied Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics at Auckland University. After initially working as a consultant for CRM and call centre system development in New Zealand and New Jersey, he moved in 2000 to Germany.

Subsequent to studying Design at the Köln International School of Design in Cologne and working in the new media branch, he moved to Graz where, together with Hannes, he founded Fluid Forms.

He washes his hands after training.








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