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Are Fluid Forms products guaranteed?

The statutory period of limitation is 2 years. In the case of a warranty implementation, the product will either be repaired, replaced or refunded. With small defects we are entitled initially to repair the product.









We broaden and improve our website and our product catalog continuously. Consequently you might not find products you saw before anymore (Thanks for visiting us again!). 

If you are looking for something particular please contact us. We just may have shift the content to another page.







Who is the operator of the Fluid Forms online shop?
This online shop is owned and operated by Hannes Walter and Stephen Williams under the company and brand name Fluid Forms.

Walter & Williams OG
Don-Bosco-Weg 10c
A-8053 Graz
Tel: +43 316 922563
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What is special about Fluidforms products?
The fluid forms of our products are characteristic, unique and speak for themselves. Fluid Forms enables selected products to be individually designed by you. Our innovative website supports you in designing your own creations just as you want them. Additionally to the changeable form, we give you the possibility to add a name, a dedication or a logo to the products. A product or gift can not be more personal. Your personal unicum gets produced with most modern industrial facilities and finished by hand to ensure it meets our strict quality control.

How does Fluid Forms enable me to individually design products?
Fluid Forms products are created through the use of mathematical algorithms. By changing the parameters for these formulas we can change the products form as if it were clay. Our software supports you by keeping the products form within a range in which every variation is functional, aesthetically pleasing and possible to produce. Rather than being restricted to one form these individual products are more like a field of products, or meta design as we call it. In order to help you navigate this meta design we developed interfaces tailored to each product, so that you can change and check forms, materials and engravings. With the help of our software YOU decide what YOUR product looks like.

Why can't every product be individually designed by me?
Individual designable products are especially developed by us. To produce these unique products, we we use the most modern production facilities and techniques that free us from the restrictions of mass production. Some of the machines we use in production have been modified in order to make the manufacture of such products possible and are themselves completely unique. Some materials, forms and methods can not be manufactured by computer controlled production facilities. They must be produced by conventional machines or by hand. We are constantly researching and developing production methods, in order to make more products individual designable by you.

Why must be a Shockwave-Player installed on my computer, to design my own products?
Internet browsers are not usually suited to display three dimensional content. To give you and idea of how your product will look before it is produced, we utilise the Shockwave player by Macromedia to display an interactive virtual model of your individually designed product. This plug-in enables you to see simulations of materials, forms, light, shadows and reflections in your Internet browser and gain a preview of products that do not yet exist in physical form.







Fluid Forms is committed to respecting the privacy rights of all visitors to our web site. The following policy describes how Fluid Forms collects, protects and uses information it receives from visitors to the web site.

When you buy goods on Fluid Forms, we need you to provide your name, e-mail address, mailing and billing address and day phone number. This information is used to process the transaction, maintain Fluid Forms' sales records and keep you informed about new offers.

By using our web site, you consent to the collection and use of this information by Fluid Forms. If we decide to change our privacy policy, we will post those changes on this page so that you are always aware of what information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances we disclose it.

Fluid Forms welcomes your questions, comments, and concerns about privacy. Please send us any and all feedback pertaining to this, or any other issue to call us on +43 (0) 316 89 02 03.







How can I pay?

One possibility is by Bank Transfer with which you can comfortably transfer the order sum to our bank account. As soon as the payment has reached our bank account you will receive a payment conformation and the order will be delivered.

You can also pay COD (cash on delivery). We charge 3,50 EUR for COD inside of Austria and 4,50 EUR for COD outside of Austria.

Credit Card payment is offered through the well respected international PayPal service. Through PayPal you can pay with your Visa, Master Card, American Express or Discover Credit Card with or without becoming a member of PayPal. After shopping at Fluid Forms you will be automatically forwarded to the PayPal site where you can proceed with the debiting of your Credit Card.

If you decide to become a PayPal member as over 85 Million others across the world you can transfer the orders sum directly from your PayPal account to our PayPal account. PayPal is a service from ebay developed to make payment over the Internet as safe and simple as possible. After shopping at Fluid Forms you will be automatically forwarded to the PayPal site where you can transfer the required amount from your account to ours.

How safe is payment over the Internet?
We have decided to offer the PayPal payment services so that your payment information is protected by modern encoding technology from unauthorised access. Your Credit Card data is encoded with SLS encryption so that it can not be intercepted in an unencrypted form. Your information is absolutely protected through active and passive security management systems. As SSL connections considerably slower that unencrypted connections only the actual payment process is protected by SSL. For this reason you will be forwarded to the secure PayPal portal to complete your payment after shopping at Fluid Forms.

Are my personal details safe with Fluid Forms?
Your personal details are required by us for the correct processing of your order. When purchasing products from Fluid Forms, we need your name, e-mail address, delivery and billing addresses. For payment PayPal requires your credit card details. Credit card details are not stored by Fluid Forms. Personal details stored by Fluid Forms are used to process transactions, maintain sales documents and improve overs for you.








As with the Fluid Forms products our packaging naturally incorporates the highest quality and design. Fluid Forms products are always something special and for this reason we have chosen and designed their surroundings suitable carefully. Our products require no additional decoration. For special occasions we are happy to enclose the product in an elegant gift wrap.











Of course! We'd love to receive your hints, tips and critiques. All constructive comments help us to improve.








How long is the delivery time?
The delivery of serial or pre-produced products takes place between 1-6 days after receipt of the order. The delivery of individually designed or dedicated products takes place promptly after production, generally within two weeks. Status changes to your order (order reveived, payment process, production start) will be e-mailed to you. The time for transport depends on the country of delivery. We send you a tracking-code for orders outside the EU.


Is it possible that delivery takes longer than two weeks?

For orders outside the EU it's possible that deliveries take longer than two weeks due to custom formalities.

Are the products covered by insurance during the transport?
All deliveries are covered by insurance. Please check the goods at arrival, especially if the packaging shows signs of damages. In this case notify us no later than three days after receipt. If the delivery is damaged the good will be replaced free of charge.

How much is the transport?

Shipping costs depend on the destination country, the shipping method as well as on the size and weight of your product. Shipping costs are displayed in your order summary, before you finish your order.


Can I send back the products and what are the terms and conditions?
Within two weeks you can send us back standard goods without the requirement of a reason. Only unused products in the original packaging may be returned. You must notify us informally about the return by phone, fax or e-mail in advance. We can not reimburse the costs for a return. Individualised products may not be returned. Returns and notifications will only be accepted at:

Walter & Williams OG
Don-Bosco-Weg 10c
A-8053 Graz
Tel: +43 316 922563
Fax: +43 316 89 02 0315
Send us an e-mail


Will my money be refunded?
If you send us back an undamaged standard good within the specified period of time, your money will be instantly refunded. The value of goods, less our costs for delivery to your country, will be transferred to your bank account.








Do the woods used in Fluidforms products come from sustainably managed forests?
Yes. Our production facilities in Austria only use woods provided by PEFC certified suppliers. The PEFC Council (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes) is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization,  which promotes sustainably managed forests through independent third party certification. The PEFC provides an assurance mechanism to purchasers of wood and paper products that they are promoting the sustainable management of forests.

If you like to know more about PEFC please visit the council's homepage.







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