…the product of your desire with ease. Our product-design-tools guide you through the creation process. With Fluid Forms you turn a certain essence of your personality and emotions into pieces of furniture, lamps and accessories.

…your fluid form according to your virtual design, using computer-controlled processes and the hands of our exacting craftsmen. In about 14 days your individually designed product will be delivered to your door, ready to emerge.

…your creation and let your friends admire, dream and reminisce with you.

Each product is made to order, and combined with your emotional input
is something very special.

You Design Your Own

We produce your unique product

You Enjoy Your Produkt

Design Your Own - Interface

cnc-milled pepper mill - digital fabrication

Design Your Own - fertiges Uniqate

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New Product-Design-Tools

Discover a variety of innovative product-design-tools and use them to design your own personal collection of fluid forms. Be creative and help a fluid form to embody and reflect your personality, memories or dreams. Through the emotional involvement you can bring to fluid forms, you can also become the creator of emotionally engaging, personalized and truly unique gifts!


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New Materials

Diversity is exciting and it is diversity that enhances your possibilities in the creative process. We are therefore constantly on the search for new materials to engage the mind and all of your senses.


Exclusively selected shops

Until now Fluid Forms products have only been available on our web shop. Soon there will be selected shops that offer fluid forms for you to experience. In these shops you will have the chance to create and order and be part of your own creations. If you are interested in selling Fluid Forms items please .


At Fluid Forms we want to offer high-quality products which are also emotionally appealing and shall provide pleasure for years to come. We want to set an example and it's one of our most important aims to increase the lifetime of the items we surround ourselves with.


Producing on demand, we don't have any over production. We avoid harmful effects to our environment and work continuously on improvements:
We are proud, for example, that our wooden products are made solely of PEFC-certified lumber. 





Meta Design for DIY Interface DIY Desing-Interface
1. Design Space (Meta Design)
2. Product-Design-Tool
3. Digital Fabrication

Creative Coder convert new and original ideas for products you can design yourself into software-code and mathematical algorithms. They create and enable the Design Space of forms and parameters for you.

This gives you the huge advantage to easily generate a multitude of different – though similar - designs (as you can see in the picture above). The pre-defined Design Space helps us guarantee that each fluid form created online by you  is functional, producible and cost-effective.

We can also assure you that our products are in accordance with the design essence initially conceived by the Creative Coder.

Out of the Design Space we develop design-tools which are the assistants that help you create your unique items. Moreover, you don’t need any previous knowledge to handle these tools. In any case your unique and self-designed piece turns out the way you envisioned it.

To give you the possibility to marvel at your personal item it advance, we provide you with the best possible 3D-presentation of your product.

Create as many varieties of your products as you want and save them in “My Fluid Forms”. There you can also compare your items and send them to your friends and family for feedback.

When your order has reached us, we generate the production data for your specific product. With this data we produce exactly the fluid form you designed online.

After that your unique product is controlled and finally finished by hand.

In about two weeks the parcel service will deliver your fluid form to your door ready to emerge.


Find more information on Digital Fabrication on our Blog and in our newsroom.



In the year 2005 Hannes Walter and Stephen Williams started with the development of their first design-tools and products in the Science Park Graz (Austria). They already realized that the design-your-own-movement on the Internet, creative-coding as well as digital production methods such as 3D print would dramatically change the way products are created, produced and made available to the user.

By the end of 2005 Fluid Forms launched its first website and presented its first prototype. It was a vase that was the first item to be designed individually. They started to present the company on fairs in European cities such as in Milan, Frankfurt and Zürich. In the course of time the two designers developed new product-design tools which enabled the creation of more functional and more emotional products.



In January 2008 the office and studio were moved to the creativity quarter of Graz, Lend. Out of what was initially a simple idea emerged a powerful software system which empowers the creation of new and innovative products.

This software system makes a constant launch of new product-design-tools on Fluid Forms possible.




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